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Information brochure about the route of the Ammergau Alps Meditation Trail with lots of information about the individual stations. On 97 pages, the red brochure provides historical and in-depth texts for each of the 15 stations / places of power. It also contains detailed directions on the 85 km meditation trail.

The Ammergau Alps meditation trail appeals to people who want to switch off from everyday life, recharge their batteries and slow down. The route winds its way from the world-famous Wieskirche, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Linderhof Palace - right across Bavaria's largest, contiguous nature reserve. Magnificent landscapes and picturesque cultural assets line the path that leads to contemplative places, power centers and last but not least for everyone to themselves. The approximately 87-kilometer route was designed in stages and can usually be completed in five to seven days. This means that everyone can make the journey as a whole, depending on their endurance, time and inspiration, or pick out sections. In addition, boards with local information and contemplative texts invite the hiker to linger and reflect along the entire route at 15 stations.

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