0-Euro-Note "Pilatushaus"

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0 Euro notes look like normal banknotes, but they are not.However, 0-euro notes are not very well known in Germany. The souvenir notes coming from France with a nominal value of 0 Euro are produced in a French banknote printing company and thus possess all the security features of regular banknotes. But they are only collectors value and can not be used as a means of payment. As a popular and unusual souvenir, they are gladly bought by holidaymakers and collectors.

Due to many collectors requests, the Passion Play Village Oberammergau now also receives a limited edition of 5,000 pieces. The fancy souvenir and collector's item shows on the front a view of the local mountain Kofel and the famous Oberammergauer Pilatushaus. The design of the 0 Euro bill was developed according to the model of the Oberammergauer photographer Eberhard Starosczik.


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